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Each of you makes our Audubon of the Everglades chapter what it is today. We have the largest membership in Florida and one of the most active chapters. Unlike many other chapters, we are a 100% volunteer organization and we serve all of Palm Beach County, the largest county in Florida.

you can still print and mail in the printed membership     paper membership application

You may now pay for your local chapter membership using this new PAYPAL option – press the “BUY NOW” button next to the membership level you wish to pay for. (If you have any problems, please contact Paypal administrator Sheila at or call me or leave a message on my home phone 561-629-7516.)  If you don’t have a Paypal account, skip to the bottom of this page for instructions how to sign up for Paypal.



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Or, if you prefer to mail a check, CLICK & PRINT LOCAL MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION TO JOIN NOW:     paper membership application

We currently have over 2500 members, 290 of whom are already local chapter members. I am sure you are unaware that your (NAS) membership only provided us with money when you initially joined. Every time you have renewed your national membership, your dues go directly and totally to the NAS.

Your national membership actually costs this chapter approximately $10.00 each year. This includes the cost of printing and mailing both the Kite and our brochure (program).

Chapter Only Membership

Audubon Society of the Everglades offers a separate Chapter membership with a number of benefits. Join us and support local efforts to protect habitat and environmental efforts in Palm Beach County and throughout the Everglades. Your support also allows this chapter to help students of all ages with awards and programs, including Pathfinders Scholarship and Everglades Day. Your local chapter membership dues focus 100% your financial support on these local conservation efforts and educational programs.

Benefits of Separate Local Chapter Only membership

  • Ten issues of our newsletter, the Kite, and our annual program brochure
  • Year-round educational general meetings with guest speakers in West Palm Beach and seasonal meetings in Boca Raton
  • Pre-registration privilege and/or reduced  admission for our special events, such as bird garden tours, workshops and special fundraising trips
  • Priority status to field trips with limited attendance.
  • Receiving your Kite year round if you provide both addresses and dates for change of addresses.
  • Priority status for class choices for the bi-yearly Birding Workshop in February
  • E-mails, if you wish to be included, on rare bird sightings and conservation efforts.
  • Knowledge that your support of our local chapter benefits you and your community.

All chapter only memberships should be renewed on January 1.

The cost structure is:

  • $15 senior (62 and older)/student
  • $20 single
  • $25 household
  • $50 patron

You do not have to be a NAS member to be a local chapter member, though many of our members are both NAS and local chapter members.


National Membership

If you are a national member, you will continue to receive your National Audubon renewal notices from NAS in addition to the 6 issues of Audubon Magazine, and membership in Audubon of Florida.

The easiest way to join the National Audubon Society is to visit the secure NAS website (click here) and use your credit card. In the chapter code pulldown box select EOO for Audubon Everglades. Without that number, National will not sign you up as a member of ASE.

OR, send your check made out to  National Audubon Society, chapter code C9ZE000Z to National Audubon Society, 225 Varick St., 7th floor, New York, New York 10014, Attn.: Chance Muehleck. Include the chapter code C9ZE000Z.

You will receive  two paper copies of the Kite mailed to the address on your first  national application.  If you are not also a local chapter member, you will need to make a request to our membership chair , Gail Tomei, to continue receiving  our newsletter, the Kite.

Your Board appreciates your support of the Audubon Society of the Everglades. We are committed to providing you with fun, informative meetings and programs, and to giving you the opportunity to experience the natural beauty and wildlife of southeast Florida. We encourage you to join ASE so that our chapter can continue to lead in environmental and educational programs.

Gail Tomei, ASE Membership Chair,,  561-969-7567                             _______________________________________________________________________________

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You can’t pay for things until you link a bank account or credit card. (ASE suggests you use your credit card rather than bank account).  After you login,  select Profile at the top menu bar, then under the Your Money section, select update card and enter the credit card information you wish to use in Paypal. NOW you should be able to pay for ASE membership or make a donation through your Paypal account.