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A Membership with Audubon Everglades is for the birds…literally! By joining Audubon Everglades, you’re supporting innovative and effective programs that benefit Palm Beach County and Everglades birds.

Audubon Everglades is one of the largest chapters in Florida and one of the most active. We were proud to be voted “Chapter of the Year in 2016” by Florida Audubon. Unlike many other chapters, we are a 100% volunteer organization. We serve all of Palm Beach County, the largest county in Florida.

As a conservation organization, we are “walking the talk” and reducing the amount of material that we print and mail. This will minimize our impact on the environment. We encourage others to do likewise. Our “Going Green” practices include using electronic methods to capture our membership information, using PayPal, distributing our Kite newsletters and other information to our members via email whenever possible. We currently do one postal mailing each year to distribute our annual Field Trip and Program brochures.

Join as a Chapter Member

Members of Audubon Everglades join a local community of enthusiastic individuals who value our birds, our environment, and the future that’s at stake for all. Find out more about membership options below.

Everglades Audubon Membership Categories and Benefits

Membership Benefits

  • Receive a “Welcome to the Chapter” electronic packet including:
    • A link to the Kite newsletter
    • A link to our Program brochure
    • A link to our Field Trips brochure
    • Membership Card
    • A link to sign up to receive additional information via email lists, i.e. Audubon Everglades General Interest, Citizen Science, Conservation, Education, Flamingo trips, Kite, Pelagic trips, Photography, etc
  • Early notice of certain field trips/events, special trips (e.g. Duda Farms)
  • Priority on several of the smaller, highly popular, advance registration trips
  • Discounted rates with some vendors or sponsored events
  • Comfort in knowing your financial support stays right here in south Florida.

Membership Categories

  • Student (currently enrolled in an educational institution)
  • Senior (62 yrs +)
  • Regular (defined as anyone under 62 and not a student)
  • Household (defined as 2 adults and all children under 21 living at the same address.)
  • Patron (defined as 2 adults and all children under 21 living at the same address )
    • Allowed 2 additional adult guests (4 total registered) on advance registration field trips.

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Household Member Names

You can still print and mail the printed membership application.

National Audubon Society and local club membership

The easiest way to join the National Audubon Society (NAS) is to visit their secure website. In the chapter code pulldown box select EOO for Audubon Everglades. Without that code, NAS will not sign you up as a member of AE. An important distinction between joining our chapter directly or through NAS is where your donation is spent. NAS only provides the local chapter with a small percentage of your money when you initially join. Every time you renew your NAS membership, your dues go directly and totally to the NAS to support projects all over the country.

Many of us join NAS and maintain a Membership with Audubon Everglades directly. This enables us to keep a larger portion of our donations working here in Palm Beach County, as well as to receive benefits provided to local Audubon Everglades Members.

The Board appreciates your support of Audubon Everglades. We are committed to providing you with fun, innovative meetings and programs, and giving you the opportunity to experience the natural beauty and wildlife of southeast Florida. We encourage you to join AE so that our chapter can continue to lead in environmental and educational programs.

You are what Hope looks like to a bird!

Doreen LePage, AE Membership Chair,, (561) 739-8502