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Giving Tuesday Purple Martins


The Purple Martins Story

While the Purple Martin is one of America’s most well-loved songbirds and is a common summer resident throughout Florida, its population is currently declining in the east. East of the Rocky Mountains, Purple Martins nest almost exclusively in human-supplied housing. They are dependent on us for their survival. While they are a species of Least Concern, their population is directly affected by the houses that we humans provide, and those houses are on the decline.

In early 2017, Audubon Everglades purchased a Purple Martin house and installed it at Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Delray Beach.

Your Giving Tuesday donation will allow Audubon Everglades to purchase and install additional Purple Martin houses for use in Palm Beach County.

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The Burrowing Owls Story

Audubon Everglades has been lending our support and our voice to Project Perch in their efforts to help obtain better protection for the conservation of Florida Burrowing Owls. The Florida Burrowing Owl is classified as “threatened” by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The owls are threatened because of loss of habitat and other manmade conditions and activities that jeopardize their colonies.

Kelly Heffernan, an avian biologist, started Project Perch in 2008 to protect and nurture Burrowing Owls in southeast Florida. Specifically, Project Perch:

  • Provides protection by finding and educating “caretakers” for as many owls as possible.
  • Counts the owls annually during breeding season, and
  • Promotes the population by working with landowners to provide artificial burrows and nest boxes.

Your Giving Tuesday donation will assist the efforts of Audubon Everglades in its support of Project Perch as it seeks to stabilize and increase the population of Burrowing Owls in Palm Beach County.

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Audubon Everglades and Giving Tuesday

By giving to Audubon Everglades, you can help to protect birds as we support Project Perch and the initiative to purchase Purple Martin houses.

Donate today to both the Florida Burrowing Owls and the Purple Martins