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April 2015 Bird of the Month – Broad-winged Hawk

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April Bird of the Month – Broad-winged Hawk From Ben Kolstad’s article in the April Kite: This small chunky raptor migrates from its breeding grounds in northern and eastern North America to its wintering grounds in Florida, Southern Mexico, an northern South America. The largest migration has been to Veracruz Mexico , where there have been days with well over 100,000 recorded. There are also some non-migratory populations on some Caribbean islands.  This hawk is most likely to be confused with the similarly stout, but slightly larger, Red-shouldered Hawk. Look for broader tail bands on the broad-winged (narrow stripes on the RSHA tail) and “bolder” spots on the breast (RSHA has a fine herringbone pattern; BWHA has more of a “barred” appearance).




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(Photographer’s please note that next month’s May 2015 Bird will be the Cooper’s Hawk)