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2013 April Bird of the Month – BARN SWALLOW

(Please see picture gallery below) The bird of the month for April, Hirundo rustica, is the most widespread swallow in the world. A common spring and fall migrant in Palm Beach County, it is a fairly rare winter bird here. No other North American swallow shows such a deeply forked tail, so if the cobalt . . . → Read More: 2013 April Bird of the Month – BARN SWALLOW

2013 Bird-of-the-Month list

For all you photographers out there, here’s the Bird Of The Month List for 2013:

· January – American Robin

· February – Cedar Waxwing

· March – Common Loon

· April – Barn Swallow

· May – Purple Martin

· June – Red-bellied Woodpecker

. . . → Read More: 2013 Bird-of-the-Month list