Events Calendar


Events Calendar

How to view and subscribe to the ASE Field Trips & Events online calendar

Please note that the following instructions need only be done once on each of your devices. The calendar will only need to be added again if you replace your computer or smartphone and, even then, may not need to be, depending on how well you have backed up your profile to the cloud.

To view the calendar on your desktop computer screen:

Open the following link in your web browser:

ASE Field Trips & Events (browser)

Then bookmark it so you can easily find it again.

To view and subscribe to the calendar on your iPhone or iPad:

Click on the following link:

ASE Field Trips & Events

When asked, Subscribe to the calendar “ASE Field Trips & Events”?, click Subscribe. You should then see The Calendar “ASE Field Trips & Events” has been added. Click either choice View Events -or- Done.

To view and subscribe to the calendar on your Android phone:

Please note that all of the following instructions need to be done on your phone. From the Gmail app on your phone, send an email to requesting access to the ASE Field Trips & Events calendar. Within 24 hours, you should receive a message back with the subject: has shared a calendar with you.

View Your Calendar.

Do not click that last link (you can do so on your computer but don’t do this on your phone yet). Instead, exit from Gmail and start the Google Calendar app.

Click the 3-dot Additional Options icon at the top-right of the screen (to the far right of the name of the displayed month). Click on Refresh. Wait for the Sync complete message (only a few seconds).

Click the 3-bar Menu icon at the top-left of the screen (directly to the left of the name of the displayed month). Then scroll all the way to the bottom of your choices and click on Settings (just above Help & feedback).

If “ASE Field Trips & Events” is not listed, click on Show More.

Click on ASE Field Trips & Events and then move the Sync slide button to the right (on).

If you want, click on Color and select the color that you would like to see displayed on your calendar.

Click the Back icon and then Back once again and you should see the ASE calendar added to you personal calendar.