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June Challenge 2017

Week One of the June Challenge is complete – how are you doing?

June Challenge was started in 2004 in Alachua, Florida. to get people out looking for birds during the summer doldrums here in Florida. The aim of the challenge is for each individual to see as many species as possible within the boundaries of his or her county between June 1st and June 30th.

The website provides more information about the the challenge. Those participating are encouraged to also enter their observations.

If you participated last year, use your previous login. If you forgot your password you may reset your password by submitting your email on the login page for password recovery.

Summary of the Rules for June Challenge:

  • Each bird on your list must be seen, not just heard.
  • Any free-flying bird is countable for the purposes of the Challenge, the website will keep track of how many, in the USA, ABA-countable and non-countable species are on your list.
  • Make sure to add your observations by the end of the day July 1st.

Over 110 species have been reported in Palm Beach County in the first 6 days of June – will we top our previous June total of 162 species? It’s possible!

Let’s go Birding!