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Audubon Society of the Everglades has a charitable giving eBay web site for “sell/donate”  the chapter’s inventory of 100% donation items — — all proceeds go to the chapter — right now we have silk Fortier ties and amazing photographic posters! audubonsocietyoftheeverglades
Even more exciting, not only do we automatically reach out to buyers all over the world about who we are and our mission, but other sellers  can donate 10% or more of their sales to Audubon Everglades. To see who these generous eBay sellers are, visit audubonsocietyoftheeverglades and click on the word MEMBERS above the partial list of sellers entitled “FOLLOWING MEMBERS” toward the bottom left of the page. If you are curious what they are hoping to sell with donations to us, click on the member in the page of donor boxes,  on the next page, click on “see all items” (upper right) and look for the items with a blue and yellow Donation ribbon at the end of the item title.