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FLAMINGOS in Palm Beach national press coverage:

The PB County / STA 2 Flamingos have been featured in several news stories and magazines including:
National Audubon Society 
“Wild Flamingos Return to Florida June 2015”
Florida Audubon
“Flamingos Return to Palm Beach County”
Birdwatching Daily
“How to see Flamingos in Florida this Spring:
Palm Beach Cultural Council
“Flights of Fancy”


2015 Oct 20 Palm Beach Post writer Eliot Kleinberg ASE/Sue Snyder speaks at Fracking Ban Meeting

2015 Oct 10 – Palm Beach Post PB Post mentions birding trip

2015  Oct 07    – Sun Sentinel writer Jan Engoren eagle-watch-training-sun-sentinel-article-by-jan-engoren

2015 Oct 01  – Palm Beach Post writer Janis Fontaine survey on ASE 2015-oct-1-palm-beach-post-janis-fontaine-for-love-of-birds

2015 Jul 20 – Palm Beach Post writer Jennifer Sorentrue 2015-jul-20-pb-post-threatened-bird-species-bring-tourists-to-pbc-by-jennifer-sorentrue

2015 May   – Natural Awakenings may-2015-natural-awakenings-phipps-artificial-reef-ase-program